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Don’t shoot what it looks like! Shoot what it feels like!

- David Alan Harvey -

I live in Budapest, Hungary, an exciting, vibrant city and this has turned my main interest in photography towards shooting the street. It fascinates me of turning ordinary scenes to extraordinary by grabbing that split second in time when something magical happen which will never occur again, gone forever for the naked eye. Feels like making a moment of life live forever and carry a slice of past to the future. What could be a better environment for this than the city where architecture meets nature, human meets artificial and life meets decay?
Besides street photography I love to travel new places and experience the vibe of them by capturing the locals, the landscape, the details.
Occasionally I take photos of models or people posing, but I prefer snapshots and captured moments over precisely setup scenes.


Grand prize of the Love in Salzkammergut photo contest
Third place on Metro Global Challenge Hungary and 7th on the international part
Shortlisted and exhibited on the VII. Lumix photo contest, Hungary.
Second place in Landscapes category of Naturart-Béres Csepp Nature Photographer of the Year 2008
Shortlisted and exhibited on the Bayer Nature Photography exhibition 2008.
First prize on Symantec Norton Save and Restore Photo contest Special Occasions category
Second prize on Symantec Norton Save and Restore Photo contest, Animals category
First prize of the FAO Forestry Photo Contest
Third place on Greenpeace/Fotóvilág photo contest


Interviewed by the Hungarian FotóVideó Magazin
Featured in the book Nature Photos of the Year 2008
Featured in the book "Zoom In" published by Scolar
Featured on Steve Paxton’s site, f/stop Spot
Featured in Digital Camera Magazine
Interviewed by 1st Angel

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